No matter the occasion or location, iDJ lets you easily create the perfect soundtrack to capture the moment. Whether for road trips, workouts, parties, studying or cleaning sessions, iDJ lets everyone create seamless, synchronized playlists to accompany and enhance their lifestyle. It truly could not be easier or more fun. Why pay someone to make custom mixes when you can do it yourself by just picking the songs you want?


Playlists created in standard music libraries simply crossfade from song to song without concern for tempo or volume. This often leads to jarring, off-time transitions with noticeable changes in volume levels or even brief silences. Numark's iDJ app solves this problem by intelligently analyzing music to ensure that a crystal-clear, smooth transition takes place between songs just like a DJ would do. The iDJ app allows anyone to make instant, continuous mixtapes of their favorite songs all blended together as one in perfect rhythm.


Directly from within your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch you select your favorite songs from the iTunes Music Library or your built-in iPod library. Then you drag them over to the iDJ playlist. Instantly your tracks are analyzed and "beat-matched" allowing all your songs to play from one to next without stopping and in perfect time. Whether for yourself or for someone else, iDJ lets you create a musical experience that is totally unique.