iDJ allows you to quickly assemble and audition music ideas using the automated BPM detection and song transitions for a fast, intuitive mix-maker. iDJ is also a powerful production tool allowing you to go deeper into your sets by adjusting each track's length and playback speed, while also customizing individual song transition points and crossfading slopes. iDJ can even play up to four songs simultaneously giving you immense possibilities for remixing and mashing something furious for the dance floor. Not sure if two tracks will work together? No problem. iDJ's Tempo Graph feature warns you when two tracks are going to be challenging to beat-match so you have the option of selecting something better or letting iDJ work its mojo on your music.


Now with iDJ under iOS 4, any song from the library on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can be integrated to your playlist by bringing new tracks over to the iDJ app in just a few simple touches. Once you bring in your tracks into the app, iDJ goes to work. iDJ finds exactly the right way to match them as you add them to your playlist. Slide the music to a new crossover point and iDJ continues to analyze the beats for a perfect mix. Your iDJ sets can even be imported into the popular MixMeister desktop software to further edit and tweak for a complete mix-producing solution.


When people are on the dance floor, the party needs to keep going until last call. Even the most prepared DJs can experience computer or other hardware failure. If you're not prepared, any number of things can happen to cause breaks in the beat. When the unexpected happens, iDJ can be like having a second DJ who's always ready. With a few simple swipes of a finger, iDJ can have a perfect playlist lined up for hours of playback so it's always ready to keep the beat going even if you're not.