iDJ allows fitness professionals and enthusiasts to quickly create driving, consistent playlists for classes and fitness routines. Set up your own workout in seconds with a playlist that stays steady and never misses a beat. Whether you're teaching aerobics or spinning, or just using the treadmill for some good cardio, iDJ creates the perfect soundtrack for a perfect workout. Create seamless playlists that propel your workouts and fuel your fitness.

There's even a built-in tutorial to help you get started making tracks quickly.


You can easily import, organize and edit all your favorite songs together for an experience that will heighten, enhance and energize the entire exercise. Stop having to continually search for the right song or have a break in the action between songs, iDJ gracefully blends tracks together with smooth, gradual transitions that will keep you moving and that much healthier. Once you create the perfect playlist, iDJ gives you the ability to save all your favorite mixes to playback at any time. You can have a different mix that fits every type of class-style or workout throughout the week. With iDJ, your workouts are maximized with music that never stops.