Whether it's a frat party, Bar Mitzvah or anything between, just touch, drag and let iDJ do the rest. With iDJ, the music never stops and the mix is always on. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring a DJ when all you want to hear is your favorite music. Simply touch, drag and then press play for iDJ to take over the dance floor.

THE DJ IS IN THE HOUSE (and in your iPod)

The automatic tempo detection technology within iDJ allows you to bring all your songs together in perfect time. You'll be amazed and excited to hear the seamless crossfading from one song to the next in perfect time for a professional, music-mixing experience never before possible on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. All you need is your favorite music; iDJ does the rest. There's even a built-in tutorial to help you get started making tracks quickly.